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A self-taught artist paints realistic landscapes of Russian nature that resemble pictures of the great Shishkin.
The fate of the artists at all times for the most part has always been filled with difficulties and sufferings, disfavor and rejection. But only true creators were able to…

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Photo Requirements for Portrait Ordering
It is the search for photos that should be taken very seriously, because the quality of the portrait will depend on them. It so happens that the customer requests a…

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Russian folk crafts in a new way: The unique Mstera miniature of the Molodkins dynasty
People's craft in its various manifestations flourished for centuries in Russia, because the people's desire for beauty was always inexhaustible. And the secrets of mastery, handed down from generation to…

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Pablo Picasso and his victims: An artist who could not love, but he artistically loved to torment

According to the accepted ideas, women need an artist to inspire: with her beauty, with a word of support, simply with the support of the rear. But the famous painter Pablo Picasso was looking for inspiration in completely different things. If a woman became a muse to him, one could immediately say that she was not lucky.

Here are two artist’s confessions, which immediately shed light on the properties of his nature and on his relationship to his “muses”. “I think I will die, never loving anyone,” he confessed once, and in another he said: “Every time I change a woman, I have to burn the one that was last. So I get rid of them. Continue reading

“The triumph of death”: What is the secret of Bruegel’s painting, which has been shaking the minds and imagination of people for almost 500 years?

There are paintings in the history of painting that leave a deep imprint on a person’s entire life — it’s worth seeing at least once. Impressions of what he saw seemed to penetrate the subconscious and for a long time excite the soul and make you think. Such a work, of course, is the “Triumph of Death” by Peter Bruegel, who erased the line between the realm of the dead and the world of the living, clearly showing the omnipotence of Death and the helplessness of man.

The painter of the late Renaissance of the Netherlands entered the history of art as a magnificent master who was able to bring together the trends of the Renaissance and the traditional Dutch art, creating his own unforgettable world in his works. Continue reading

What is the secret of Russian beauties in the portraits of Konstantin Makovsky

Konstantin Makovsky was one of the most fashionable and, as they would say now, “sought-after” artists of the XIX – early XX century. Emperor Alexander II called him “my painter,” and contemporaries added the epithet “brilliant” to the master’s name. He received world fame, and his fabulous fees were a constant topic for discussion in society. One of the artist’s favorite themes were Russian women. In this review – their beauty and luxury of folk costumes in a series of portraits of the great painter. Continue reading

Kiss of Madness: Passionate paintings by an artist who spent her whole life in a psychiatric clinic

Alois Korbats had dreamed of love all her life, but she was destined to be constantly monitored by doctors and … world-wide fame, which was not at all interesting for her. In her strange drawings there is the gushing joy of the life she was deprived of.

The “art of outsiders” is created outside the walls of academies and art workshops, but often in the dungeons of clinics and prisons, generated by silence, isolation, suffering, or loss of connection with reality. Continue reading

Brad Pitt, Angela Merkel and other famous personalities in the paintings of the artist Her Royal Majesty

“Despite the fact that I managed to develop my own style, over time I became interested in Edward Elgar’s musical variations called Enigma. And since my own artistic practice has been focused on the human face since 2010, I realized that this strange attraction was caused by the awareness of the compositions of the great composer, who dedicated a number of works to his “friends inside”. Analyzing these orchestral works, I realized one simple thing that their influence leaked into my paintings, ”says contemporary artist Colin Davidson, who painted the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and many other well-known personalities. Continue reading

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Romance with nude notes and historical motifs in fabulous paintings by a Siberian artist
The spectator, having first encountered the works of the Siberian artist Vladimir Rasputin, invariably feels tremendous emotions and sincere admiration for the fabulously romantic images and original manner of writing.…


As the famous "Beatle" Paul McCartney became an artist, and who is the main character of his paintings
The phrase that a talented person is talented in everything, anyway, fully relates to the personality of the 76-year-old Briton Sir Paul McCartney, the famous musician of the legendary Beatles…


Pimen Orlov: As an apprentice, the painter became a student of Briullov and one of the best European portrait painters
The history of Russian art knows many names of painters who came from the common people. One of these is the brilliant Russian portrait painter Pimen Nikitich Orlov, a native…


Esoteric surrealism in mysterious fiction paintings that help to look into
It is no secret to anyone that human nature is mysterious, and can manifest itself both from the light and from the dark side. Therefore, it is very difficult to…